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The Dirt Bro Baseball Throwing Routine


Unleash Your Throwing Potential: Transform Your Game with Dirt Bro Baseball Throwing Routine!

Discover Coach Trent Mongero’s renowned, time-tested throwing routine to level up your baseball and softball game. Master the art of throwing and receiving with confidence, accuracy, and consistency. Elevate your skills, performance, and success on the field. Are you ready to become an elite thrower under pressure?

Dirt Bro Baseball Throwing Routine … “The Most Important 20 Minutes of Practice” Unlocks Catch Play Keys, As Well As, Specific Drills Used to Become an Elite Thrower

The Dirt Bro Baseball Throwing Routine, is a powerful digital training program, designed by National High School Coach of the Year, Trent Mongero and his son, Taber Mongero, a 4 year starting D1 shortstop. They have a combined playing experience of over 40 years, along with Coach Trent Mongero’s 30+ years of coaching experience.  

Coach Trent Mongero has presented this catch play routine and related keys, in part or in whole, to over 10 State High School Baseball Coaches Conventions and at the ABCA National Baseball Coaches Association Convention on their main stage.

What’s Inside?

  • 20 carefully-crafted throwing drills to build confidence and muscle memory, leading to in-game success.
  • Comprehensive PDF instructions for easy and immediate access to learn the “why’s and how’s” behind each drill.
  • Flexible, adaptable training appropriate for players aged 8 through the collegiate and professional ranks, including baseball and softball players.
  • Customizable implementation use small clusters of the drill series to fit your specific needs and training schedule.

Unique Features:

  • Built on a Legacy: Developed from Trent Mongero’s personal experience as a Division 1 college shortstop and refined throughout his 30+ years of coaching. In addition, his son, Taber, has used this routine from his childhood, through high school and then during his college career. Taber is ranked as one of the most consistent defenders at the SS position in UNCW’s baseball history. 
  • High-Profile Endorsements: Trust in the testimony of countless top college and high school coaches, as well as parents and players from across the USA.
  • Holistic Approach: Learn the crucial differences between low-intent and high-intent throwing while keeping your son’s and/or daughter’s arm strong, accurate, and resilient.
  • Support and Guidance: Be sure to use constant coaching and parental oversight to ensure correct execution of drills and maintain player focus.

With the Dirt Bro Baseball Throwing Routine, you will not only improve your throwing ability and consistency, but also have a greater chance of taking your game to new heights. Join the ranks of baseball and softball players who achieved exceptional results following this program.

Invest in your future success with Dirt Bro Baseball Throwing Routine, available now for a limited time at a discounted price!

Order now and gain immediate access to this revolutionary digital training program in a convenient live PDF format. Transform your game and become an elite thrower on the field. Are you ready to rise above the competition?

Common Questions About the Dirt Bro “Most Important 20 Minutes of Practice” Throwing Routine

How Long Do We Execute Each Drill?

Drills #1-17 are usually completed for 30 seconds each. This equals about 5 throws for each partner for each drill. Drill #18, called “specialty throwing by position,” is completed in a 2-minute segment. Drill #19, “long Toss and on top at 90 feet,” are not always executed, depending on several factors. But when long toss and/or on top at 90 feet are being executed, it is usually a 5-10-minute-long segment. Every player is different, with different needs, thus, the time segments will not be the same for everyone.

Is This Routine Just for Infielders?

This routine can be used for all defensive positions. Coach Trent Mongero has used it with his teams for over 30 years. The only segment of the routine that changes based on position is Drill #18, “specialty throwing by position.” Pitchers can also alternate grips from 4 seam, 2 seam, and change up on every throw during all drills until they reach a throwing distance of 60 or 90 feet.

Is the Dirt Bro Throwing Routine for Both Baseball and Softball?

This content is 100% appropriate for both baseball and softball. The way we throw is the same for both.

What Are the Youngest Ages Appropriate for the Dirt Bro Throwing Routine?

That will depend on the player. Everyone is different. If the ability to catch the
ball is present, players as young as 8 can start with the simplest drills in the

Can I Share This Content with My Friends?

We worked very hard on this product and wanted to make it very affordable to anyone who wanted to raise the level of their catch play. We kindly ask that you please don’t share this content even though we know you could. It’s our hope that if you like the product and feel it is priced fairly, that you will tell others about it and refer them to the DirtBroUSA.com website so they can purchase their own personal copy of the program.

What Happens If I Do Not Have Internet or Wi-Fi Connection?

To make this product affordable for most everyone, we had to figure a way to make the video, which is data intensive, easily accessible. Housing all that video content and streaming it would be very expensive and thus, we would have to pass that expense on to you. As a result, you will need a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data to access the videos stored on private YouTube links. Of course, you will always have access to the PDF which you can save or screenshot.

Will Dirt Bro Baseball Create More Content?

Our goal is to share content that truly helps baseball and softball players become the best they can be. Thus, we will create content when we feel it’s needed. This includes instruction and drills from the offensive side of the game as well.

Should We Execute the Entire Routine Before Games?

Doing the entire routine on game day is not necessary. I would suggest modifying the drills down to 5 or 10 which you call your “game day throwing routine.”

8 reviews for The Dirt Bro Baseball Throwing Routine

  1. Avannoy

    Any infielder or baseball coach will benefit by implementing these routines into their regular practice. Amazing content

  2. Jay Ciccarone

    If you see the Mongero name on something…you know it’s first class. They make a perfect effort in everything they do!

  3. Hayes Rojas (verified owner)

    There is no one that stresses the importance of playing catch like Trent Mongero! He teaches how to get the most out off your teams pregame throwing routine and stresses the importance of being locked in while warming up and not treating it as social hour!

    Pros know just by watching you play catch if your routine has purpose or if your just going through the motions! Find out what coaches are looking for when they watch you throw and catch!

  4. Jeff Schaefer (verified owner)

    As a former MLB infielder I never let my sons work on their defense with anyone other than myself…until I met Coach Mongero. His information and presentation is value packed. Every coach wanting to help their players get better will benefit from Dirt Bro Baseball. The best in the country
    Jeff Schaefer

  5. Gil Resto (verified owner)

    Great product. Based on Coach Mongero’s suggestion we implement this program with all of our practices .

  6. Carroll Hoselton (verified owner)

    This information is essential to becoming an elite infielder. Cannot recommend it enough. Attend the camps if you can. Well worth the investment!

  7. Scott Fann (verified owner)

    All baseball/softball coaches need these routines! Turn “play catch” into proper “catch play”. Most important 20 minutes of practice.

  8. Eddie Loesner

    Coach Mongero’s throwing program has been extremely beneficial to our players. In a short period of time our guys are more accurate and consistent than ever. I’ve also seen our ability to make tough plays improve exponentially. All I can say is that I wish we implemented it sooner.

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