Big 6 “Must Know” Dirt Bro Baseball Infield Drills


Unleash Your Fielding Potential with These 6 Top Quality Partner Infield Drills

All six of these partner Infield drills are time tested and time proven. Meaning they work! The key is doing them correctly and consistently. They will transform an infielder’s ability to play defense…improving a fielder’s feet, hands, and throwing.

Coach Trent Mongero executed most of these drills himself, as a Division 1 college shortstop, over 30 years ago. He has since added a couple more key drills to his base routine, making a total of 6 drills…hence “The Big 6.” He uses these exact drills with his teams, who have won state championships in Georgia and NC. He also used these Big 6 Infield Drills with his son, Taber, since he was 8 years old. Taber went on to start 211 games at the D1 level (despite being undersized) and has one of the best fielding percentages in UNCW Baseball history, as a shortstop.

Are you ready to become an elite fielder under pressure?

The Big 6 – Must Know Baseball Infield Drills … Unlock Keys To Becoming an Elite Defender, As Well The Specifics Behind Each Of The Six Drills Used To Help a Player Become Their Very Best… When it Matters Most!

The Dirt Bro Big 6 “Must Know” Infield Drills, is a powerful digital training program, designed by National High School Coach of the Year and traditionally published Author of Winning Baseball, Trent Mongero and his son, Taber Mongero, a 4 year starting D1 shortstop. They have a combined playing experience of over 40 years, along with Coach Trent Mongero’s 30+ years of coaching experience.  

Coach Trent Mongero has presented The Big Six “Must Know” Infield Drills and related keys, in part or in whole, to over 10 State High School Baseball Coaches Conventions and at the ABCA National Baseball Coaches Association Convention on their main stage.

What’s Inside?

  • 6 carefully-crafted Infield drills to build confidence and muscle memory, leading to in-game success.
  • Comprehensive PDF instructions for easy and immediate access to learn the “why’s and how’s” behind each drill.
  • Flexible, adaptable training appropriate for players aged 8 through the collegiate and professional ranks. Drills are taught from simple to complex.  
  • Customizable implementation use all six or a combination of these infield drills to fit your specific needs and training schedule.

Unique Features:

  • Built on a Legacy: Developed from Trent Mongero’s personal experience as a Division 1 college shortstop and refined throughout his 30+ years of coaching. In addition, his son, Taber, has used this routine from his childhood, through high school and then during his college career. Taber is ranked as one of the most consistent defenders at the SS position in UNCW’s baseball history. 
  • High-Profile Endorsements: Trust in the testimony of countless top college and high school coaches, as well as parents and players from across the USA.
  • Support and Guidance: Be sure to use constant coaching and parental oversight to ensure correct execution of drills and maintain player focus.

With the Dirt Bro Big 6 “Must Know” Baseball Infield Drills, you will not only improve your fielding ability and consistency, but also have a much greater chance of taking your defensive game to new heights. Join the ranks of baseball players who achieved exceptional results following this drill implementation.

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Order now and gain immediate access to this revolutionary digital training program in a convenient “live link video” PDF format. Are you ready to rise above your competition?

Common Questions About the Dirt Bro Big 6 “Must Know” Infield Drills

How Long Do We Execute Each Drill?

Each drill is usually executed in 3-5 reps to all 3 lanes or fielding zones (at you, backhand, and forehand). Some of the drills are executed both on knees and standing. All six drills should take no more than 20 minutes in total to complete once learned and executed efficiently.

Do I Have To Do All 6 Infield Drills Every time?

It is up to you. But the drills are most effective doing all 6 together. Each drill has a specific purpose or intent. Some work more on hands (glove action), footwork, or throws from lower arm slots. But ultimately, you can pick and choose what combination of the 6 drills you want to execute based on time, weaknesses, ability level, etc.

Is The Bix 6 Must Know Infield Drills For Both Baseball And Softball?

Yes, but we have created a specific product specifically for softball players. It shows an exceptional D1 softball shortstop executing all of The Big 6 Softball Drills. This makes the drills more relatable for softball players.

What Are The Youngest Ages Appropriate For The Big 6 Infield Drills?

Most players will be able to start executing these drills, in part or in whole, by age 8. Of course there are always very advanced players, who are even younger, who can handle some, or all of the drills. Remember, each drill is taught from simple to complex, as well as, from a predictable to unpredictable format. So complex and unpredictable would be the most difficult version of any of the six infield drills.

What Other Products Are Available By Dirt Bro Baseball?

We currently have “The Most Important 20 Minutes of Practice” Throwing routine available for purchase. It will transform your ability to throw under pressure. Remember, defense requires 3 of the 5 “physical tools” that college recruiters and scouts look for and evaluate. Fielding (actions/efficiency of movement), Footwork (speed/quickness/range), and throwing (arm strength/accuracy/quick release/throw from all angles.

We also have the Big 6 Must Know Infield Drills for SOFTBALL PLAYERS available for purchase. It is designed specifically for softball with a D1 starting shortstop demonstrating all 6 of the infield drills.


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