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  • Building The Complete Hitter: From Travel Ball To The Big Leagues


    Invest in your future success with Dirt Bro Baseball Building The Complete Hitter, available now for a limited time at a discounted price! Contributions made by Texas Rangers MLB Hitting Coach, Tim Hyers.

    Order now and gain immediate access to this revolutionary digital training program in a convenient live PDF format. Transform your game and become an elite hitter. Are you ready to rise above the competition?

  • Big 6 Must Know Dirt Bro Baseball Infield Drills

    Big 6 “Must Know” Dirt Bro Baseball Infield Drills


    Unleash Your Fielding Potential with These 6 Top Quality Partner Infield Drills

    All six of these partner Infield drills are time tested and time proven. Meaning they work! The key is doing them correctly and consistently. They will transform an infielder’s ability to play defense…improving a fielder’s feet, hands, and throwing.

    Coach Trent Mongero executed most of these drills himself, as a Division 1 college shortstop, over 30 years ago. He has since added a couple more key drills to his base routine, making a total of 6 drills…hence “The Big 6.” He uses these exact drills with his teams, who have won state championships in Georgia and NC. He also used these Big 6 Infield Drills with his son, Taber, since he was 8 years old. Taber went on to start 211 games at the D1 level (despite being undersized) and has one of the best fielding percentages in UNCW Baseball history, as a shortstop.

    Are you ready to become an elite fielder under pressure?

  • The Dirt Bro Baseball Throwing Routine

    The Dirt Bro Baseball Throwing Routine


    Unleash Your Throwing Potential: Transform Your Game with Dirt Bro Baseball Throwing Routine!

    Discover Coach Trent Mongero’s renowned, time-tested throwing routine to level up your baseball and softball game. Master the art of throwing and receiving with confidence, accuracy, and consistency. Elevate your skills, performance, and success on the field. Are you ready to become an elite thrower under pressure?