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This is an outstanding baseball manual. I’m sending a copy of Winning Baseball to the school where my son plays because it does a great job explaining everything kids experience, the fundamental way to play the game, and how to handle all the other things that come up along the way. I’m sure that coaches and baseball players at all levels can benefit from this manual.  

Roy Clark

Former Atlanta Braves

Director of Scouting

Winning Baseball is a outstanding baseball instructional series. I have been in professional baseball for 17 years now, and I hope players and parents get the chance to read the manuals and watch the DVD's. This manual will give players a good foundation of their skills before they move to the upper levels. It's fun to see someone with great passion for the game as Coach Mongero has. Great Job Trent!

Scott Emerson

riple A Pitching Coach for the Oakland A's 

Minor League Pitching Coach, Sacramento Rivercats 

2005 Major League Baseball Arizona Fall League Champions 

Coached over 80 Big League Pitchers

I had the privilege to manage Trent in his first year of pro ball. He was very sound fundamentally in all areas of the game. He was always early and ready to work. He played the game extremely hard. A coach would love to have a team full of “gamers” like Trent. His love and respect

for the game goes without saying and is reflected in his baseball manual Winning

Baseball on the turn of every page.

Randy Ingle

Atlanta Braves

Manager, Rme Braves

The most striking component of Winning Baseball is its thoroughness on the game of baseball! There is no other manual on the market with the quality of this text. It literally covers the game from A-Z. The contents follow a "developmentally appropriate" approach to presenting the materials in a very "user friendly" format that is greatly enhanced through the DVD visuals! Coaches and parents will now have a resource for every level of the game of baseball. 

John P. Bennett, Ed.D., C.P.M. 

National President of AAHPERD (American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance)

AAHPERD is an alliance of five national associations including AAPAR, AAHE, NAGWS, NASPE and NDA  

I first met Trent Mongero while doing research for a baseball movie I was writing. He was recommended by those in his community with such unfailing respect and enthusiasm.  I knew I had to seek him out. Once I started working with him, I saw why - Trent is that rare combination of a skilled athlete, gifted teacher, and a good human being. This was reflected in every aspect of the program he ran, from his win/loss record to the attitudes of his players, many of whom returned to train with him long after having moved on to play in college and beyond. Trent has poured all of his spirit and knowledge into this astoundingly complete manual Winning Baseball, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking to get the most out of their time playing baseball. 

James VanDerBeek 

Hollywood Movie and Television Star 

"Dawson's Creek", "Varsity Blues" and "Texas Rangers" 

Incredible! Winning Baseball is a must for any youth parent/coach. Players of all ages will benefit from the vast amount of information in this manual. I have a huge library of baseball instruction material; none of it comes even close to matching up to this. From t-ball to travel ball to high school and college, it’s ALL here. All the fundamentals and skills every player should have, from the basics up to the most advanced skills, are covered in depth in an easy to understand format. Armed with this teaching tool, the players that I coach are reaching much higher levels. As Vice-President of a local baseball program, we will be ordering this manual for all our coaches. Coach Mongero, thank you from baseball coaches everywhere; this is just what was needed for parents, coaches and players. Job well done! 

Mr. Lindsey Landers 

Vice President 

Douglas County Georgia Parks and Recreation  

Winning Baseball and DVD presentation put together by Coach Trent Mongero is one of the finest teaching tools that I have ever seen for high school level, period! I hope that baseball prospects who aspire to be good fundamental players will take this manual and learn the game from the inside out. It will not only help your skill level tremendously, but your physical well being, as well 

George Whitfield 

Coached 8 North Carolina Baseball State Championships 

Director of the George Whitfield Baseball Clinic 

North Carolina Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee 

I hope all the coaches in North Carolina have a chance to use your manual Winning Baseball. It is certainly the best written manual I have seen.  

Ronald Vincent

“R.V.” All-Time Winning H.S. Baseball Coach in North Carolina History 

Over 700 wins as a H.S. Head Coach

Executive Director, North Carolina Baseball Coaches Association

Great job in the development and presentation of this quality baseball manual Winning Baseball It will prove very useful for coaches at every level and players and parents alike. 

Billy Best 

Atlanta Braves 

Area Scout 

Trent was a self-made baseball player. This isn’t to say that he was not a good baseball player, but it is to say that he was a very good athlete that made himself into a baseball player. In my opinion this is a quality that makes him an outstanding coach. In other words, he had to work at this game. He had to be fundamentally sound. His approach to practice was one of always trying to get better. He practiced the game the way it was supposed to be played. His focus and desire in practice transferred over to playing in games. That is a key to becoming a complete player, having the ability, intensity, focus, and desire to practice the way you want to play. Trent was very successful at UNCW. He was the Colonial Athletic Conference Player of the Year in 1989. The biggest thing Trent did for our UNCW baseball program in 1989 was to transform it from a loser to a winner. His intensity and desire helped other players to see how much better they could be if they worked hard in all aspects of the game. He has taken his passion as a player and a coach and fused it into these fabulous manuals Winning Baseball so that all coaches, parents and players can benefit for years and years to come! I can summarize it all in one word "Awesome!" 

Bobby Guthrie 

Wake County Schools 

Senior Administrator for Athletics

Former All-ACC third baseman at UNC - Tar Heels

The baseball skills and drills manual, Winning Baseball with accompanying DVD's, is a well organized, extremely informative guide for coaches and players. I can use it as reference for practice and camp organization even on the college level. The material included, from practice organization to skill instruction to team offense and defense, will definitely assist in the improvement of your team as well as each individual! 

Mark Scalf 

2003 American Baseball Coaches Association, NCAA Regional Coach of the Year 

USA National Team - Assistant Coach 

Head Baseball Coach 

University of North Carolina at Wilmington 

Trent Mongero is one of the top baseball instructors in the Carolinas. Winning Baseball is an excellent book packed with quality information from cover to cover! The information that Coach Mongero provides in this book will benefit coaches from T-ball to college baseball. If you want your kids to be successful, you need to follow this book. This is a great tool for coaches and players. A+ to Coach Mongero on his work!

Andy Partin

Impact Baseball 

The Top Prospect Coverage In The Carolina’s 

Coach Mongero's section, in the manual Winning Baseball, on slowing the game down will help kids at all levels, and is taught in the same fashion that college and professional level coaches teach the art of hitting the advanced pitcher." 

Monte Lee

Head Coach 

College of Charleston  

Winning Baseball is an outstanding product that will improve the coaching ability of any baseball staff.  I feel like, as a Coach, there are times when I get stale and too repetitive in practice.  Coaches will now have an assortment of tools to develop advanced players at all levels of the game. I love the accompanying DVD's because I can see the drills executed and understand the key points to emphasize. Coaches need to learn about the game as much as the players do...and now they have this great resource to help achieve that objective!

Jason Mills

2010 "Perfect Game" - World Wood Bat Champion (Jupiter, Florida) - Impact Baseball - "Dirtbags"

2006 3A State Champions

2005 4A State Champions

MLB Associate Scout