The “Dirt Bro” Elite Infield Academy/Camp, is nothing short of a comprehensive infield play experience. It is a camp, if you will, that actually delivers! A player’s two full days with veteran Infield coach, Trent Mongero and his son, Taber Mongero, who is a 4 year Division 1 - starting shortstop, will be filled with learning, implementing, and improving the key physical and mental tools that will allow a player to catapult their infield play to next level and beyond. This camp is for serious baseball players only and space is limited. This academy/camp is NOT about 100’s of fungos. It is, However, about growth, development and positive change that can significantly transform in-game performance.

Level of Instruction:

This camp is 100% appropriate for rising college players on down to 6th grade…Yes, even graduated seniors will grow as a player, and that is a guarantee. What other camp experience guarantees that? They will now have the entire summer to prepare for the difficult challenges that linger before them as they aim to earn a starting infield position in the fall. Current HS and MS players will be privy to criticall skills and drills that will help them on their journey to, and through HS, and ultimately, one day reach their personal goals as a baseball player.

Players will be introduced to key skills and drills that will challenge eye-hand coordination, coordination coordination footwork, hand speed, balance, and efficiency. All while developing the actions and tools that recruiters and professional scouts look for and desire. Everything will be taught and implemented to the highest level. This is referred to as the “game speed, game challenge” principle.

Coach Trent Mongero teaching at a baseball camp

Important Note:  During the Dirt Bro Infield Academy/Camp experience, parents are welcomed and encouraged to get up close and listen while instruction takes place. You are your son or daughter's best coach and we want you to have the tools to help them after the camp is complete.

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Dirt Bro Elite Infield Academy/Camp

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June 4-5

@ Nashville, TN

2 Day

June 11-12

@ Orange Beach, AL

2 Day

June 18-19

@ Uniondale, NY

2 Day

June 24-25


2 Day

July 15-16


2 Day

July 23-24

@ Columbia, SC

2 Day

Mary Sobataka
Aug 3

Softball Camp

@ Kansas City, MO

Dirt Bro W/ Mary Sobataka

Aug 4

Baseball Camp

@ Kansas City, MO

Mary Sobataka
Aug 6-7

Softball Camp


Dirt Bro W/ Mary Sobataka

Aug 10-11

@ Elkton, MD

2 Day

Aug 13-15

@ Charlotte, NC

3 Day

Aug 17-18

@ Fredricksburg, VA

2 Day

Aug 24-25


2 Day

Nov 23-24

@ Huntsville, AL

2 Day

Nov 25-26

@ Watkinsville, GA

2 Day

Dec 7-8

@ Perrysburg, OH

2 Day

Dec 27-29


3 Day

Jan 18-19 2025

@ Charlotte, NC

2 Day

College Infielders Attend Coach Mongero Camp

College Infielders from JUCO power, Owens CC complete their second consecutive year of Dirt Bro Elite Infield Camp

Important Note:  During the Dirt Bro Infield Academy/Camp experience, parents are welcomed and encouraged to get up close and listen while instruction takes place. You are your son or daughter's best coach and we want you to have the tools to help them after the camp is complete.

A Few of Many Camp Topics Include:

Many key infield drills that will transform a player’s game, including "The Big 6 Drills."

Throwing mechanics used my top college infielders and pro players that allow for short repeatable, consistent throws and often improved velocity

Detailed Infield “catch play routine” that will transform an infielders throwing ability and accuracy, over time

Ways to significantly increase a player’s range (ability to cover ground and make more plays)

Campers will learn and implement critical pre-game and pre-practice “routines.”

Players will also learn how to assess their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop a personal weekly/monthly/yearly training calendar to strategically reduce weaknesses.

What physical tools must be developed, and to what standard, to play infield in college..including the D1, power 5, level

What qualities of a players “mental make-up” allow him to become a champion on and off the field

Introduce “mental tools” that allow players to “manage pressure,” anxiety, doubts and worries… while trying out or playing games, even the biggest game moments of a season or tournament.

Infield IQ and situational awareness that make a player more desirable and help them earn the trust of coaches. Which in return, creates more playing time opportunities

Character and integrity training. Share what college coaches and pro scouts desire in a prospect and don’t want in a player

Softball players are welcome to attend.  Often, but not always, they attend in pairs so they have a partner to work with throwing a softball.


"Best infield camp in the country!! When Coach Mongero steps into a camp you know you're going to get the best insight on playing the infield and learn from the best. The attention to detail and breaking down infield play is second to none. His passion to help baseball players become the best version of themselves is outstanding. If you're looking for your son or daughter to become an elite infielder, I would highly recommend Coach Mongero and Dirt Bros Baseball!"

John Parisho

Owens Express Baseball - JUCO

"I've watched and listened to many coaches in person and on social media over the years. I came across Trent Mongero in 2010 on social media after he authored the “Winning Baseball” Books and Video Series. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge, detail, passion and ability to present and teach his spot on programming. 

By circumstance I connected with Trent shortly after at an ABCA National Convention. We spent hours that day talking the game, mainly infield play. I quickly realized Trent's 3 top priorities; God, family and baseball. Trent is a genuine baseball man. He does not rely on gimmicks or fancy eye catching drills. He focuses on things that actually make a player better in the game, while building critical confidence. He comes at you with pure baseball instruction that produces results. Simply put, Trent  is a baseball specialist. 

As a former MLB infielder and the father of a talented young D1 signed infielder, I never let anyone coach him defensively. That was my job. Until I met Trent. My youngest son has attended 3 Trent Mongero camps over the years! Trent deserves credit for being a part of my son's development and commitment to a D1 baseball program. 

Trent, along with his son Taber are pure baseball gold. Attending a TM2 Dirt Bros Elite Infield Academy/camp is a must. You have my word. It will take you game to the next level."

Jeff Schaefer

Former MLB Infielder & USA Baseball NTIS

"Nameless, Faceless, Opponents is a mindset that coach Mongero teaches, however his approach

to your team and staff will be the opposite. He goes the extra mile to treat your staff and kids like its his

team and his family. He will share insight on player development and creating a roadmap to success. He

shares with your program all the things he has learned along the way.

Coach Mongero teaches many high impact things related to the mental game that will help your

players and coaches improve in real time. He focuses on improving the person as well as the player and

paints a clear picture on the process necessary to do so. The things we learned from Coach Mongero

will impact our players and coaches for years to come. Our time spent with coach has made us a better

program. Thank you coach!"

Spike Ridgley

Head Baseball Coach

Massillon Washington High School, Massillon Ohio

"Below average infielders, don’t play in college and especially the big leagues. I cannot recommend Trent and Taber’s Dirt Bro Elite Infield Academies/Camps any higher! I guarantee you will leave that experience a better player. Thank me later.”

Steve Springer

Former MLB Player

Top Mental Hitting Coach - Quality At-Bats MLB Scout

"I have been around a lot of camps and instructors through my years in this game. People who didn't attend this Mongero Elite camp missed out big time. I mean HUGE MISS.

This was the best camp and instruction I have ever seen, from the drills, teaching, note taking. There isn't another persion from Florida through GA that can do it like Trent Mongero. Not one person. The best camp I have been involved in."

Shane Monahan

Former Major League Baseball Outfielder & Designated Hitter

Shane Monahan

"Great high end Infield Camp with Coach Mongero this past weekend. Boys worked hard creating new movement patterns through dynamic drills and exercises. Takes a lot of dedication and hard work to change habits and create new patterns that become automatic on the field.”

Krista Dunton

Baseball Coach

Krista Dunton

"Coach Mongero put on the epitome of a perfect clinic. I don't say this because I like or respect him - of which I do, but I say this because as a former D1 player and professional athlete he hit the points that truly matter. When I say this many people likely think I'm referring to his drills and instruction - which for the record are second to none. The reason however I say this though is not the physical side of his instruction. I say this because ofhis mental side of instruction.

There are many good infield instructors out there - but none teach the mental side like Trent does. He understands it, lived it, reflects it in his own son living it and cares enough to teach the same lessons to our young men. He is able to teach the transparent truth that haunts many kids today - by telling them what it takes mentally to get to the next level along with physically. Coach Mongero's camp is truly elite. He developes the whole player."

Russ Bayer

Head Baseball Coach South Forsyth HS 2009-Current

1997 NFHS All America

1998 Draft Pick Arizona Diamondbacks

2001 Cape Cod Champion Wareham Gatemen

2002 Pittsburgh Pirate Draft Pick

Russ Bayer

“Coach Mongero has had a profound impact on Sohrab’s baseball career. While Sohrab struggled with low throwing velocity a little over a year ago, we flew into one of his camps, as we were very impressed away by the quality of his online videos. Coach Mongero catered specifically to Sohab’s needs. This did not end once the camp was over! Coach provided his contact information so Sohrab could ask him questions despite living halfway across the country! We were fortunate to find Coach Mongero during a time where there seemed to be no hope, and plan on continuing this partnership for many years to come!”

Sohrab Rezaei

Current HS Player | Player Development Mentee

"If I were a HS or amateur coach, recreation director, or a parent of a player, I would make all of these books/videos a required reading/viewing. They are perfect teaching guides for anyone wanting to develop fundamentally sound ball players!"

Ray Tanner

University of South Carolina

2010/2011 Back-To-Back D1 National Champions

ABCA Hall Of Fame

Testimonial from Ray Tanner

Viewers/Readers are going to elevate their baseball experience as a result of soaking in all this important information. In a sport where a ball sailing over the fence gets more attention than great base running, spectacular defense, or even a pitching gem, Trent Mongero has truly “got all of it and hit a homerun.”

Ray Tanner

Head Baseball Coach

University of South Carolina

"Coach Mongero, I just want to let you know that I am a hockey guy up in Canada who had a modest baseball background. Your videos helped me so much with my coaching. My 18 year old just went to the Jays in the 9th round and you have more to do with it than you know. Thank you for passing on your knowledge!!"


Coach and Parent

"And let me say this... without question your 2 day camp in Perrysburg, OH we attended set them apart defensively. They were both the best infielders on their teams. Not strongest arms... but best fielders... so thank you so much. We really hope to get in another camp soon."

"A big thank you to Coach Mongero - Winning Baseball!! The boys attended a 2 day Mongero Elite Infield Camp again this year in Ohio. The level of training and coaching is some of the best in the country I've seen... all taught by Coach Trent Mongero himself. The boys and I each have 7-10 pages of notes, tons of videos, and so many specific drills to take their games to the next level. For any of you looking for that type of coaching, I would highly recommend Coach Mongero. And from my conversations with Coach, I know he is a man of faith as well. For those baseball geeks like me... 6 hours of infield and mindset instruction training per day for 2 days... AND Coach never hit ground balls to them... WOW. That says it all! Best of all, some quality father/son time that makes it all priceless for me. Now let's get to work... tryouts are only 5-6 weeks away."

Benny Offer