I would like to share a recent experience working with Coach Mongero. My 15 year old son is in his

fourth year of playing competitive baseball. During this time period, he has

played in many baseball tournaments up and down the east coast and attended nationally

recognized (and expensive) instructional baseball camps to advance his skills

and knowledge of this great game. I will also add that he is committed to

working hard to improve his game.

In July of 2011, I hiredCoach Trent Mongero to work privately with my son. After outlining a four day

plan consisting of two sessions each day working with coach Mongero

"one-on-one", the two of us flew from our home in New York to Georgia

to make this happen - I believed so strongly in what he would gain from working

with Mongero at this stage of his life (in both player and personal

development) I made it a priority to make the investment in this trip.

To say son had a great experience from these four days would be an understatement. The effectiveness

of coach Mongero's teachings were truly powerful and meaningful. I was able to witness

my son quickly put to use what he was being taught. I was extremely impressed

with the thoroughness and extraordinary commitment to detail in each skill

being taught. Between clear and concise explanation and flawless demonstration

by Mongero himself, the teachings were very well absorbed and implemented. And,

while coach Mongero is demanding of his student he is able to balance his

sternness with compassion; he treated my son respectfully and there was always an

underlying decency in all the instruction and interaction. 

I believe what makes Mongero a special coach, teacher and

mentor goes far beyond his complete understanding of baseball at the highest

level. I think the difference lies in his passion: not only for the game (one

can't be in his presence for very long and not pick up on this) but also for

his desire for his student to firmly grasp the techniques and concepts being

taught. He is not satisfied to simply teach - he wants to see the

student demonstrate to him what has been taught to validate that it has been

properly learned and then repeat it, again and again. Also, what I liked about

Mongero's approach is how he would converse with my son. Typically, before,

during and after working on a drill or game concept they would discuss the:

 why's, what's, how's, etc.... and I could tell this dialogue would

help to deepen his understanding of what was being learned. Working with

coach Mongero was very positive for my son and has had a lasting impact. From

my experiences, Mongero is a rare find.

John Rotando

WBA provides unmatched professional Skills training. Coach Mongero teaches

all position skills to advance a player to the next level by example

with quality repetitions, utilizing real game situations and the most

advanced equipment available. WBA also equips players with the mental

and leadership skills needed to compete and win at the highest level.

The results speak for themselves. 

David Kelley

Coach Mongero's camps are one of the greatest experiences a young baseball

player could have. My 13 yr old grandson went to his camp and watch his

dvd's and could not wait to get on the ball field and use all the

teaching he learned. Coach Mongero's camp has definately make him a

better ball player. Can't wait to read the new book and see the dvd's.

Tommy Floyd 

Coach Mongero has been a great influence in my sons life. After going to his advance baseball camps, watching his DVD'S

My son has received more knowledge of the game. Knowing what to do in

key situations is so important, understanding the game is huge, and its

the little things that can put you on top of your game!... I see such a

huge difference in my sons game, he is more relaxed and confident

because he knows what to do and where to go with the ball. Congrats on

your new book (Winning Baseball)

Tina Powell

My son attended all three of your camps this year and received excellent

instruction. This camp was by far the best our family has every

experienced. We have been to several camps where there were 150-175

players and the instruction was good, but it was not personalized. You

and your staff gave great information, but then you took it a step

further and personalized it for each player. Not only did you take it to

another level, you provided DVD's

for the players to take home and reference. We will continue to return

to your camps each year. You will not be able to find this quality of

instruction, at this price, any where in the country. Thank you for your

hard work, dedication.

The Parker Family

Mr. Mongero, I am 13 and I play shortstop, pitcher, and catcher for my

middle school team. I have been watching your infield dvd, and it has

helped me improve in fielding normal ground balls on a regular basis. By

watching the dvd it has helped me to try it on my own in practice and

in game situations. Now I am adding the little things such as watching

my feet position and holding the glove properly. It has been helping me

to make clean plays instead of them being choppy. Next I want to try the

pitching and hitting dvd's.

Robby Slack