Trot Nixon's Foreword

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Note: Trot Nixon was NOT paid to write his foreword.

The game of baseball has been “Our National Pastime” for many generations and has now grown to a sport enjoyed across the globe. Most kids begin their journey in baseball dreaming of one day becoming a Major League player. They emulate their favorite stars in back yards, on the playground, and on their local ball diamonds. They close their eyes and imagine getting the game-winning hit or throwing a no-hitter to clinch the seventh game of the World Series. I, too, grew up with a goal of making it to the Major Leagues and I was fortunate to have several coaches along the way who taught me the finer points of the game and inspired me to reach my goal.

Many boys and girls grow up with the ability to be fundamentally sound baseball players, either as pitchers, hitters, defenders, catchers, or even base-stealers. Players are taught by their coaches and parents that practice makes perfect. Thus, they work day and night to improve their skills in order to become the best players possible. However, what they find is that practice doesn’t make perfect. What is needed to reach their personal best is a combination of motivation, determination, correct instruction, positive reinforcement, practice, and persistence. Most of all, never give up in what you believe!

To assist coaches, players, and parents to reach their full potential, Trent Mongero, who is a former youth, high school, college, and professional player himself, has spent years away from his family in order to author and complete this educational series of baseball books and accompanying instructional DVDs. His deep knowledge, unmatched energy, and passion to help others, makes The Coach’s Companion series of books a must read.

Through this detailed series of books and videos, you will be exposed to age-appropriate fundamental instruction and drills to correctly learn how to be a better coach, help your child improve, and play this great game with focus and precision. It will expose you to all facets of baseball including offensive and defensive skills, the mental side of the game, coaching insight, and what to expect if you are a college or a Major League prospect.

Even though I played Major League baseball, I will never stop learning about this great game. I wish the Winning Baseball books/videos had been out twenty years ago because it would have only made me a better player. I hope you take the time to read this book and help make your baseball experiences rewarding. Now is the time for you to be the baseball coach, player, or parent you dream of being!

Hit’em Hard,

Trot Nixon

#7 Boston Red Sox

2004 World Series Champions