Ray Tanner's Foreword 

For Book 2

Note: Ray Tanner was NOT paid to write his foreword. 


I first crossed paths with Trent Mongero when I watched him in pre-game as the UNC-Wilmington Seahawks were about to play my N.C. State Wolfpack in the spring of 1989. I knew immediately we would have our hands full as I watched him prepare for the game. Trent possessed outstanding talent, but his intensity, precision, and hustle set him apart from the other players on the field. My immediate thought was that I would be an outstanding coach and a winner if I had twenty-five Trent Mongeros!

Coach Mongero’s playing days gave me a lasting impression of him as a person. When I learned years ago that he was coaching in high school, I knew that he would be very successful winning games and developing young players. But, most importantly, I knew that he would be a great influence in helping young people grow, mature, and become productive members of society. On the field and off the field, Trent knows and teaches all the “right stuff!”

I am greatly impressed but not surprised that Coach Mongero has put together the Winning Baseball instructional series. These books and video downloads are the very best baseball skills and drills manuals that I have ever seen. I have been part of the college game for nearly thirty years. I have learned a lot about the game from a number of people, but I would have had a faster start in the coaching profession if Coach Mongero’s books were printed three decades ago.

A lot of coaches are passionate about the game of baseball and volunteer their time for the youth of America. In many cases, they do the best they can when it comes to coaching, but they may not be knowledgeable enough to teach the mechanics of the game. If I were a recreation director, administrator of amateur baseball, or a high school coach, I would make his two books/DVDs a required reading. They are perfect teaching guides for anyone wanting to develop fundamentally sound baseball players.

There are numerous teaching tools available on the market. For a fee, you can get almost anything. But I can assure you that you will not find another series of books/videos as good and as reasonably priced as the Winning Baseball series. The quality of his books is second to none, and the sweat and integrity that went into this series is unsurpassed.

Readers are going to elevate their baseball experience as a result of soak­ing in all this important information. In a sport where a ball sailing over the fence gets more attention than great base running, spectacular defense, or even a pitching gem, Trent Mongero has truly “got all of it and hit a homerun.”

Coach Ray Tanner

Head Baseball Coach

University of South Carolina


A few of Coach Tanner’s many accomplishments include:

2010 and 2011 Division One National Champions—University of South Carolina

Three consecutive appearances in the College World Series

Head Coach of the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team

Assistant Coach with the U.S. Olympic Baseball Team