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"The Winning Baseball series is a complete package of baseball instruction, that will benefit student-athletes, coaches and parents. The information is detailed and fundamentally correct for varying ages and talent. 
This book and video instruction will increase the baseball IQ of the youth league player, along with the travel team college prospect. If someone is serious about playing the game the right way, with a passion for instruction than they need the complete package assembled by Coach Mongero. A first class baseball manual, from a first class person".

Bob Lyons
BASE Scouting/Showcase
Coach just Got the book today. I like the lay out. DVD is great as well. I have been coaching youth ball for 10 years now. I have a pretty extensive library of books and videos. I was excited to get yours. I am a "why" guy. Why do you do it that way, ya know. Your book answers "why". BTW, I like the "line" diagrams on the fielding parts of the DVD. Is there a way I could get a copy of them? They would be great to use, when showing the players where to go.

Walter West

Winning Baseball is the most comprehensive and fundamental skills manual available period. Every example in the book is backed up with a video illustration that will advance any young players game. Coach Mongero's passion for the game and the advancement of players that share this passion are uncovered at every position on the field. 

Thanks Coach !! 

David Kelley
Coach Mongero, this book and DVD are such a great value. You could clearly charge as much if not more for the DVD alone. I HIGHLY recommend this set to any youth baseball coach and I have only glanced over the materials so far. I did not receive quality coaching when I was a kid even at the HS level so I am trying to give my son and players the best experience that I can. This book is definitely going to help with that. I really wish I had it 5 years ago when I started coaching but this information is still pertinent to my team today. Thank you for putting this book together, I know many, many coaches will find the information invaluable. Thank you again! 

 Brian Holseid